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Financial Planning

Professional Financial planning helps individuals prepare for their ideal future and protect it from financial threats.

It is intended to help simplify complex issues and show you not only how to make your money work for you and your family but also how to enjoy it. We will help you identify and prioritise your life goals and make sure that you are in the best position to realise them.

The key benefit from this service is that it allows you to take confidence in the fact that you long term financial affairs are in order, allowing you to concentrate on the challenges and enjoyment of day to day life.

Wealth Management

Broadly defined, wealth management is the process of engaging an experienced and qualified financial professional to help you manage, protect and enhance your financial situation. In practice, it means something different for every client as each individual has their own needs, fears and aspirations. EBG International can help you identify your personal requirements, and design a bespoke solution that is right for you.

This will often include the use of comprehensive tax, asset allocation and estate planning strategies. It may also mean collaborating with your existing professional advisors, which is something that we promote and encourage.

Corporate Employee Benefits

Our corporate employee benefits advisors provide consultation to and solutions for international employers and their employees.

Attracting and retaining the best staff is something all successful businesses take seriously and the effective use of employee benefits packages is a key consideration in this.

Whether just looking for a simple corporate health insurance plan or a fully integrated employee benefits menu, EBG have the expertise and experience to help.